1946 Sheng Chang Pharmaceutical Company was founded.
1966 Zhongli factory was completed and initiated production of concentrated Chinese Herbal Medicine.
1969 Published first Sheng Chang Quarterly Journal on Herbal Medicine.
1975 Awarded medicinal importation permit from Japan's Ministry of Welfare.
1986 First manufacturer of Chinese medicine to comply with GMP Manufacturing Standards.
1994 Passed GMP audit by Australia's Therapeutic Goods
Administration (TGA).
2001 Recognized by Taiwan's Department of Health as exclusive supplier for clinical trial medicine of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan Rehmannia Six Formula.
2002 Received the Prize of National Medical Technology Research and Development for CMC (Chemical, Manufacture and Control) of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (Rehmannia Six formula).
2003 The fingerprint platform of Si Wu Tang (DangGui Four Combination) and its derivative formulas won the Prize of National Medical Technology Research and Development.

The fingerprint platform of Chinese herbal formulas won the Prize of National Medical Technology Research and Development.

Sheng Chang is the only GMP manufacturer to win this prize continuously for three years.

2006 Received certification of ISO 9001:2000 international standard quality Management system.
2008 Received TAF ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory certification.
Received accreditation certificate of foreign drug manufacturer from Japan's Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare.
2010 Received TFDA Drug Cosmetic Certification.
2011 Passed both TAF and TFDA on-site evaluation.

Received TFDA Food Hygiene Inspection Agency Certification.

Received “Commercially available Chinese Herbal Medicine Monitoring Plan (CCMP101-CP -102)” from Committee on Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy.

2013 Received TFDA Food Hygiene Inspection Agency and Drug Cosmetic Inspection Agency Certification.
2014 Received “Commercially available Chinese Herbal Medicine Monitoring Plan (M02G3121)” from Ministry of Health and Welfare.



Advanced Processing of Herbal Medicine

Derived from ancient knowledge, qualified materials are processed based on ancient techniques and are completed with modernized equipment to enhance the safety and efficacy of the Chinese medicine.


The processed materials are preserved in environmentally controlled storage facility to maintain the characteristics and quality of in-process materials.

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility

Advanced extraction and concentration equipment from Germany effectively extractmedicinal active ingredients and processed into final product through turbine oven and flow coater.


Sheng Chang has also applied modern technology of the liquid nitrogen freezing process from Germany to grind herbs with high viscosity and oil to maintain its natural characteristics.


Fully Automatic Packaging and Distribution Facility

After semi-finish products pass series of stringent tests, products are automatically packaged through bottle cleaning, filling, weighing, sterilized sealing and packaging that all complies with the GMP standards for Chinese medicine.


Samples are taken from each production lot and preserved for one year after the expired date. Moreover, all products from Sheng Chang Pharmaceutical Company is protected by "Global Product liability Insurance" so that the end users are always fully protected.



Received International TAF/ ISO-170515 & National
TFDA Certifications

With modernized equipment, Sheng Chang R&D laboratory was the first manufacturer to receive TAF certification on identification of origin herbs.


Moreover, Our R&D laboratory also received TFDA certification, With these two international and national laboratory certifications, our R&D laboratory could have the ability for releasing reliability test report.

OEM / ODM Service

Sheng Chang was well credited for the TFDA certificated laboratory of herb medicine, food materials and cosmetics manufacturing standards. The strong R&D team with medical experts utilized ancient knowledge and modern technology to develop various kinds of new herb products for our collaboration partners over the world constantly.


Our OEM\ODM and pilot manufacturing services with high efficiency and quality has won reputation from partners.

Global Marketing

In 1975, Sheng Change was awarded medicinal importation permit from Japan's Ministry of Welfare.


Since, Sheng Chang has marketed its product throughout the world. In 2007, a joint venture was reached with Malaysian company to penetrate into Southeast Asia markets.